Saturday, June 14, 2008


Beauty is the Qur'anic verses
Exquisite in it's sequence
As the Arabic words drip off one another
Silky a transition as the pattern of the rain.
Raining on our barren tongues and quenching the thirst of searching

Beauty is the Hijab
Complementing the natural splendor of a woman
Hiding that which is hers
Promoting a sense of awareness
That all she does is for her Lord

Beauty is the sound of the mu'azzin
Calling to that which is called to five times each day
Reminding us of our purpose as mere mortals
Welcoming us to our reward
Feeding our souls as we continually starve them

Beauty is the act of prostration
To the one and only Allah ta'ala
As we bow our heads so full of pride
Acknowledging our insignificance
Together in congregation and alone
Beauty is the status of our mothers
Women who strive in the way of our Lord
Nurturing the cries of the young
Caressing their promises
Whispering to the ears which hear more then we fathom